Johnson County Mothers of Multiples

Serving the KC area families with multiple birth children since 1997.
"Blessed with Multiples" -our motto

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to join the JCMOM group. Who do I contact?
To become a member of our group, you must have multiples or be expecting twins, triplets or more thru birth or adpotion. The dues are $10 per year. You can contact Mindy with this form.

I have directory updates, who do I contact?
You may contact Mindy.

Who do I send membership dues to?
Contact Mindy.

When are the membership dues due?
We go by fiscal year. Membership dues are due every January of each year, regardless of when you joined.

What do membership dues cover?
This fee will be used for several things including, but not limited to, supplies needed for the sale, church rental for the sales, supplies, food, entertainment and shelter rental for the annual family picnic. By paying your $10, you will be eligible to participate as a JCMOM seller and pre-shop the bi-annual sale on Friday night with the other paid members. The fee will also help to maintain the website and pay for the domain that this website is listed under.

I am a new member. How do I get registered for the group?
If you are a new member wanting to register for the group, you need to send your $10 dues in first. Upon receiving your dues, they will get your account set up.

Who can sell at the sale?
Any current paid member is eligible to sell. However, spots are limited and it is a first come-first serve basis. Information packets and registration forms go out on the website a few weeks before the sale. You will need to read information packet, fill out and postal mail the registration form to an address provided. You will also need to attend a mandatory seller's meeting.

Who can pre-shop on Friday night?
Our current 2014 paid members are eligible to preshop the sale on Friday night. If you are a current registered member and have not yet paid your 2014 dues, there is a late fee of $10.00 if you choose to preshop or sell. Contact Mindy for more info.

I am a registered member, can I still pay for the 2014 year to be an active member of the group?
Yes, you may still pay your dues for the year, but there is a late fee of $10.00. Contact Mindy.